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Whether you’re searching for logo design services, SEO marketing, website design or complete branding, 10alogo works tirelessly until you love what you see. Our professional and expert team guides you through projects of all sizes with affordable prices. Creative services and customized approach transform your vision into reality.

When it comes to brand identity, 10alogo stands above the rest. We are professional and creative graphic design studio helping clients across the globe. We provide digital designs, shape new and appealing business identities and develop unique brands that are looking to grow online presence. Our creative and talented team puts their heart and soul into every project they take on.

We take pride in offering services to our clients, including business cards, posters, brochures, and more. Our expert team loves to work both locally and around the world. Unlike other companies, we don’t waste your time. Instead, we create unique and high-quality designs and complete the project within budget and time.

We know that your business is unique. Our team of professional designers are the key to make your brand powerful in the market. They use their creative approach that’s customized to your needs and deliver high quality, eye-catching, and timeless logo design with your company in mind.

Whether you’re a startup, small business or are looking to redesign brand, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the professional and creative services we offer:

  • Custom Logo Design and Branding
  • Business Cards, Brochures, Annual Reports, and More
  • Food, Beverages or any Retail Product Packaging
  • Digital designs such as Social Media Banner, Infographics and Presentations
  • Website and Mobile App Development

Our creative team provides innovative solutions through analysis and creativity. We create business growth by developing unique brand identity that positively impact business performance and the customer experience.

Great brands develop trust and loyalty among their target customers by communicating the right business message. Our expert team designs a logo to represent and promote the benefits of a company. Through our designs you can easily establish trust and loyalty across all collateral and communications.

Our design process starts with research and analysis, and includes brainstorming ideas, graphic design and communication, and final design. We transform creative ideas into big picture. Our designing team focuses on your business objectives and strives hard to deliver outstanding results.

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Design Logo That Gains Success in the Market


Design logo in such a way that it helps your business to position the brand perfectly. A brand mark gives an identity to your company that lasts not only in your clienteles mind but in the opponents mind as well. It additionally provides a special visual charm that lends authenticity to your business image.

It is known to be the ideal formula for achievement. As it is an imperative constituent that prompts accomplishment in the marketplace therefore, it should be tackled effectively. An entrepreneur ought to hunt down a professional designing firm that has massive practice and can design logo with his expertise and skills. A professional designer with great expertise would easily comprehend even the clogged ideas and concepts of the entrepreneur and easily interpret his ideas and vision of the kind of brand symbol he needs for his business.

Designer Blends all the Components

A business identity can have all-content component, an all-visual or description component or it can exceptionally be a mix of all. It likewise utilizes all outline components effectively and in the right extent, to create an appealing and compelling design. By and large, it ought to create inventive design that at long last develops a brand image and ultimately leaves an impact for a timeless duration.

However, it would require ample of efforts and hard work on the part of professional designers to introduce a unique design. It has also been witnessed that some of the designers mix up the old designs with the new ones in order to create a brand symbol but this turns up into an emblem which looks similar to the previous version. So, it is essential to select a designer who has the potential to design logo of your business distinctively.

Furthermore, all designers ought to hold up the designs to very simple and uncomplicated ones because making a complicated design might confuse the viewers. It is the responsibility of the designers to use the colors more carefully because color also plays a significant role in creating a more lasting impact on the minds. Professional designing firms with perfect designers comprehends this verity and accordingly designs logo keeping in mind all the specifications.

Hence, your business symbol should represent perfection along with the creativity to attract potential customers. A great corporate emblem has the potential to differentiate your business with the respect to other companies surviving in the industry. It is necessary to note that it is the originality that makes your brand mark more successful in the market.

10alogo designers have the potential to create an exceptional brand identity for your business.

The Influence of Illustrations in Logo Design

Unique and creative designs have always captured the minds of individuals. Today creative illustrations have created an outstanding mark in the world of logo design.  It is a known fact that designing a brand symbol takes a lot of creative effort and time. Businesses are more willing to spend their investment in ensuring that their brand emblem looks totally different and connects with the emotions of customers or clients. Moreover, it also plays an important role in recalling the brand in the minds of potential customers.

How do illustrations help in Logo Design?

Following are some benefits of an illustrative logo design that makes you understand its power:

  • An outstanding logo design with creative illustrations helps in establishing a business and if it is designed effectively, it can help the company to stand out with a professional foot hold
  • By using illustrations in your logo design , you are taking huge amount of risk but it will pay off in future in the form of sales and revenue
  • Illustrative logo design from 10alogo helps in making ever-lasting initial glimpse for your brand
  • If your designs are not very attractive, then no matter what product or service your business offer, it fails to attract your customers attention
  • Illustrative logo design makes your identity look more attractive and appealing to your intended audience
  • It is important to have a brand symbol for start-up organization because it helps in establishing it’s the business presence in the market and easily attracts your target market

Some of the finest brands have brand symbols that had stick in your mind for years. In fact, we still remember the brand symbol of some the finest brands we admired as kids. So, it is important to have a brand icon that not only promotes their business idea but it should also have an interesting and emotional connection with the brand.

The more people see the brand symbol, the more they get associated with the brand. Today, most of the companies use Google Ads to promote their brand as it is the easy and the most popular method to post ads of your brand online. These advertisement posted on Google helps in displaying your brand symbol on various sites and helps in targeting your intended audience.

We at 10alogo provide you with creative logo design that helps your business to attract your potential customers and hook their interest for a long period.  The designs we create are pocket-friendly and fulfill all your business needs. For more information call us at + 1 888 311 0250.

4 Trends a Website Maker Should Know in 2015


Things change very quickly on the web. What was trending yesterday is old stuff today. A website maker needs to keep up with the rapid changes that take place and needs to keep him or herself updated constantly about what’s in and what’s not. Let’s have a look at 4 web design trends of 2015.

Large background images

Many of the big trend setters in the technological industry have started using huge images as backdrops. Apple is among those who started this trend and, of course, many other sites have followed suit and are now making use of breathtaking images and setting them as background on their main page. You can also make use of this trend, but make sure that your choice of pictures is absolutely amazing and one that, most likely,has not been seen before.

Card-based design

We are witnessing a huge revolution on the internet. Many companies are revamping their websites and creating a card-based design that is being adopted by many other sites. This sort of design is essential now because websites need to fit a lot of different sizes and platforms than they did before. The rise in mobile technology is the reason behind such a trend. With various mobile screens of different sizes and so many people using their mobile phones to gain access to the internet, this trend is only to gain more momentum with every passing day. Industry leaders like Google and Twitter are already moving to cards.

Evolution of JavaScript

Isomorphic JavaScript is fast changing the web. It is a programming pattern which runs on both client-side and server-side. Also, it is SEO-friendly, its speed ensures better user experience and the code maintenance is also easier than before. Twitter has already moved to this new approach and it is only a matter of time before everyone else follows.

High-quality photography

These days we do not see stock images on websites very often. Big companies, especially, use high quality images which are custom-made by professional photographers. This shows a company’s individuality and enhances its brand image. Images are a great way to support a story and the world of web has seen a definite shift away from stock images that look good but are not unique.

A savvy website maker from 10alogo makes note of these new trends of 2015 as the web moves towards making sites more responsive.

Know Why Cheap Web Design Doesn’t Give You Effective Quality



Saving up the costs and going for cheap option is what mostly start-ups and small businesses do. No harm in doing this, though you must take care of what you are getting in return. That’s important! The companies claiming quality websites offering cheap web design are many in the market, it becomes your responsibility that if you are going for such an option you must, bear in mind that you get what you are promised; that the claims aren’t fake; that your website looks professionally engaging and promising. If this is not the case, then a redesign is the only option you are left with. Talking about saving costs, 10alogo gives you cost-effective website design and development services with guaranteed fulfillment of every claim made!

Checking on your Website

Your website is not only about the design it is also about the sales. How much traffic and conversions your site is attracting? Is the site doing enough? Does your site facilitate your business and visitors once they visit and land on your home page? Are your web hits converting into some real sales? To convert the random visitors into the real customers you need web traffic. It is important!

With the SEO services your web traffic increases. This is good but the important stuff is to measure the qualified prospects, the future customers visiting your page rather the number of daily visits. The qualified prospects are the ones which bring in real benefit to your business. The refined SEO techniques and tactics allow you to draw attention of prospect customers towards your website. This ensures that people are coming in your website.

But what if those people aren’t buying from your website? You need to make some real sales to run the business. Here you need checking your design and look into why it isn’t getting enough conversions. If the design lacks promising quality, fails to build business credibility and customer loyalty then all the SEO services are of no use. When your business opts for cheap web design option make sure you have an impressive, customer-oriented and business-relevant theme which sets a positive first impression in the first visit of every potential and random customer.


Make sure your website design is more than cool graphics and interactive menus. Everything is placed on the right positions to facilitate browsing, and navigation. Ensure that the call to action is positioned in a prominent place. Enhance the web usability. Study the target audience to know what really attracts them so that you add in the designing elements with specific techniques to capture their attention. 10alogo gives you accessible, interactive, budget-friendly quality services of website design and development.

Trending online retail, a boost by ecommerce website


Nowadays, the market is tough and the times are demanding. Industry is occupied with a fierce and competitive race to acquire more of the technological advancements, use of internet in more technical and sound way. Daily lives, both business and person, have gave in a very high demand and supply for new trends and techniques. Thetechnological advancement blooming in the market is the trend of online retailing and shopping.

Thanks to the latest gadgets and smart phones, the customers are trending the online retail more than before. This is not confined to any particular country but has taken over the whole world. Many multinationals are operating a successful business in this field with the help of an ecommerce facility. Gone are the days when the pioneers still held most of the target market. With the advent of technology and online retailing, came the ecommerce website as a new tool of communication and connection between the businesses and the clients, only over the fingertips.

With your business in the mid of all this technological development and competitive race, you have no room to lag behind or make a mistake. You are in the mid of all this, even as a starter, so take a step forward. Get yourself acquainted with the common features of ecommerce web interface which is a user-friendly layout, interactive and engaging design, easy-to-use and shop and present a simpler retail shop to your potential customers. Reflect usability through the design, welcoming the customers with easy process and smooth transactions.

Go for a well-designed website to tell the customers what they need and what is available, without making it complex. Give a comforting room to the customers so they would like to visit your ecommerce website time and again. Ease the audience with swift shopping process and easy navigation. Attract the audience with compelling web layout and design. This way website’s back-end solution eventually becomes reasonable and profitable for your business.

The professional website developers at Logoinn build a strong perception and set a positive image of the company on the audience. The give the web interface the value and importance it deserves to hook the target audience from a brilliant business representation. There is no room for any hassle and confusion as it only misleads and confuses the customer. So, get professional services with a presentable, eye-catchy web layout, prominent sales and purchases tabs, easy navigation, new and refreshing promotion, understandable product categories, explanatory buying procedure, simple disbursement procedures and prominent business logo and contact information.