What Designing Process Professional Logo Maker Follows?


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There is a specific designing procedure followed by the professional designers. This process is systematic, structured and organized and makes the professionals differentiate with amateurs. Professionals put in 100% dedication, commitment, expert skills, technicalities and conceptualization in producing distinctiveness, uniqueness and creative attractiveness. This differentiation is a unique attribute which is visible only in professional logos, making the brand memorable and unique. There is a certain process these logo makers follow, explained as follows:

Background Study

The professionals study the client background, company, culture, value and people. They discover the entire environment according to client’s perspective to create true business representation in the best way possible. There is no room for wrong assumptions and wrong discovery. One failed or mistaken attribute, fails the entire brand symbol. The experts conduct this study with quality and in-depth conversations with the client where the aim is to dig out as much information as possible to reflect the business core message from a symbol.

Industry Study

After the first step the expert studies the industry. This includes the target customers and the competitors. Knowing target customer is beneficial to evaluate how to proceed with the concept. If the business targets women, then the brand symbol should have a feminine, flowery look; if the target customers are children, then bright colors and attractive design works. The professional logo maker at 10alogo studies their demographics, preferences, life style and behavior. This helps evaluating what will attract the target audience? Study of competition helps in evaluating their brand symbols so that imitation and copying is avoided and distinctiveness is found for a different, competitive look.

Drafting Designs

This step includes sketching and conceptualizing; turning mere ideas into logo concepts. Brainstorming helps to identify the good ideas from the bad ones. Therefore, the expert always sketches dozens of ideas to pick a handful of them to proceed with. When the sketching part is done, then 5-7 best of the ideas are selected to proceed with Illustrator or vector based applications. The best ideas are not the nice or safe looking symbols; they are the unique patterns which guarantee chances to outshine the client’s business. These symbols are initially created in black and white colors to identify if the concept is still there. Then these are presented to the client for client feedback, rough ideas and their preferences for refinement.

Developing Identities

After client gives his feedback, the designers proceed with required improvements and changes. This step allows the designer to add the colors and various details in the logo to see how they represent the business. Designers develop several application mockups to check the durability of the symbol. Finally one design concept is completed, beginning the actual brand identity. Brand book is developed including several brand guidelines and important logo applications.

Easy Guide to Select a Professional Logo Maker


Whether you have a blog, a website or a business, you need a logo design for your business representation. You need a good logo for sure to ensure the successful identification, quick recognition of your brand. Even if you know the technicalities of designing, you are still unable to produce what a pro designer can. Professional designer helps you take the hassle of creating a brilliant brand identity for you. Now, there are so many designers easily accessible nowadays, that one wonders how to choose them and even how to differentiate between amateurs (claiming to be pro) or professionals. For your help, I have established a few guidelines to ease your selection.

Do Some Digging

A professional logo maker always has his portfolio updated. If there is no portfolio, there is no professionalism. Do not finalize your decision before going through the profiles. The profiles tell you a great deal about the designer, such as how the designer goes through the designing process, what factors he keeps in mind while designing, how they developed certain symbols representing certain businesses, how they develop creativity in a simpler stylish form and other things.

Interact with Previous Clients

The pro designers always provide details of their previous clients and projects. This makes it easy to contact them for questioning about designer’s work and services. You can ask about the delivery timings, work attitude, required questioning about the business, communication effectiveness and related branding materials.

Assign Your Project

After selecting 4-5 designers after thorough research about their work, assign them our project. Ask about the time they would require and their charges, etc. Conduct their interviews so that you know how the logo maker perceives your business. Make sure the maker asks you the questions as well about your business, brand, customers, market and other related factors contributing to the logo design. A pro always wants to know every detail of your business and brand to come up with the best suitable design.

Let them Design

Do not interfere when the designer is working. Your interference might bring trouble for the creative symbol you could have. Trust your designer, you have chosen him. You have to trust his abilities, skills, work pattern and attitude for a creative symbol. When they come up with few final symbols, choose the best among them and ask for modifications, if essential.


I would recommend choosing wisely, your business reputation is at stake with your brand symbol. Go for professional quality and services.

Why Logos Rule in this World


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A good logo design is extremely necessary for your business; it is essentially present to give your brand a branding but its other important and crucial function is to attract new and more clients.  A good logo design will make your brand stand out in the market whenever people will see it in the public and greatly perform your brand’s advertisements and promotional deal. Other than that whenever people need a new service or a product they will remember your brand for the cool logo you have and use your services.Image

The extensive use of initials, symbols, images to represent something greater has been used since the longest of times; these symbols have been extensively used to represent a deep message and important information to the people in not a very obvious way and are basically replaced by heavy text which would again require more information to explain it. I think symbols are the most mysterious and fantastic way of revealing something whether on the billboards, magazines, cloths, shoes, internet, websites or just some random road signs.


Through good looking logos you can convey tit bits of real information about your brand that will be remembered by your customers and clients without any difficulty It really put a stand on your business if you use both visual and textual type of advertisement to represent and promote your business in the market, it really embodies how your customers think of your brand and it reflects your image in the marketImage

Still many brand owners think that having a logo is completely out of their reach or is not really necessary which a very wrong approach is if you want to give your business a professional start in the market. Logos and their symbols are every important for starting a real relationship between a business house and their customers. Logo gives an edge to your brand which is precisely what it needs to go beyond the horizon in the market.