In this modern world, companies are striving hard to compete with each other to capture a larger share in the market. To attract more clients, most of the companies use different marketing tactics and work on random things to grab the attention of the target audiences.

But most importantly companies are focusing on creating custom logo design of their business to draw the attention of the potential customers. Through their brand symbol they communicate their business message and business functions. Companies usually hire professional designers who have the potential to create unique and innovative business symbols.

However, it is important to remember that your business symbol is more than a beautiful picture. When you create a brand identity of your business, you need to know its technical specifications to make sure that your new corporate identity will look ideal anywhere you want to utilized it in the future. That means you need to comprehend the various formats of the image.

It is imperative to ensure that your business symbol is saved in at least two basic file formats:

  • JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) for online use

The best aspect of JPEG files is that it is in compressed format that it doesn’t take lot of space on your hard disk or your company website. These files usually load very quickly and its resolution is based on the original size of the image at the time of creation.

It means that whenever you want to enlarge the image from its original size the picture will get pixelated and creates a blurry image. These types of files look good online and can be utilized in the power point and word files. Moreover it is essential to remember that these files should be not used in printing because it won’t produce the same result and will print the blurry image.

  • PNG for online use

These types of files are very beneficial for the online use and for print. Most of the designers use this file format for the custom logo design because these files are easily bit mapped and they doesn’t produce blurry or pixelated results.

However, there are additional formats for storing images based on the type of usage. Understanding the type and its usage is utmost important to achieve better results.

10alogo designers understand the importance of your corporate symbol and provide the files in the format that suits the client’s need and business requirement.

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