In the field of design research is considered as the vital aspect because it allows to fully understanding the issues at hand, which in turn allows you to provide a creative solution that you can present it with great confidence.

A well-researched project helps you to gain trust of your clients and the project can easily be accepted in the real world whereas a poorly researched project immediately gets rejected because it lacks the accurate solutions to the problem.

Designing is not done on a guess work but it requires complete brief from your clients and you should not only rely on the brief but should dig deeper to understand the concept of the business.

Confused…? What to research. Here you go

  • Why does the business need a new custom logo?

At the start it is necessary to evaluate the real reason of designing a brand symbol. Suppose the business is new in the market then the answer is self-evident but if you have to redesign then it includes a different story.

A young business might have designed the brand symbol by an amateur and now needs a fresh symbol designed by professional. A more established company will however redesign its brand mark to signify change.

  • Research completely about the business and its product offerings

It seems obvious, but it is essential for a designer to know about the business and its products and services. Look at the company history and what services it renders to its customers. Make sure you understand their values and how they want to engage the brand with intended customers.

  • Who are the target audience?

There are several companies that will not define their exact target market and ask the designers to target everyone. It is the responsibility of the designer to ask the demographics of the audience such as their age group, gender, location, and lifestyle and so on.

  • Ask the company’s long-term goals

The main goal of your custom logo is to stand the test of time and to create one it is necessary to find out the company’s long term goals and ambitions. Understanding their long term goals helps you to build a corporate symbol that helps you to achieve these goals more effortlessly.

  • Understand who the competition is

Knowing the competition allows you to understand their perspective and helps you to create a fascinating symbol that is distinctive and sets the brand symbol apart from the competitors. Moreover, it helps you to avoid unintentionally imitating the already known brand.

So, research is a brilliant and outstanding tool that will help you to become an efficient designer and more creative.

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