Things change very quickly on the web. What was trending yesterday is old stuff today. A website maker needs to keep up with the rapid changes that take place and needs to keep him or herself updated constantly about what’s in and what’s not. Let’s have a look at 4 web design trends of 2015.

Large background images

Many of the big trend setters in the technological industry have started using huge images as backdrops. Apple is among those who started this trend and, of course, many other sites have followed suit and are now making use of breathtaking images and setting them as background on their main page. You can also make use of this trend, but make sure that your choice of pictures is absolutely amazing and one that, most likely,has not been seen before.

Card-based design

We are witnessing a huge revolution on the internet. Many companies are revamping their websites and creating a card-based design that is being adopted by many other sites. This sort of design is essential now because websites need to fit a lot of different sizes and platforms than they did before. The rise in mobile technology is the reason behind such a trend. With various mobile screens of different sizes and so many people using their mobile phones to gain access to the internet, this trend is only to gain more momentum with every passing day. Industry leaders like Google and Twitter are already moving to cards.

Evolution of JavaScript

Isomorphic JavaScript is fast changing the web. It is a programming pattern which runs on both client-side and server-side. Also, it is SEO-friendly, its speed ensures better user experience and the code maintenance is also easier than before. Twitter has already moved to this new approach and it is only a matter of time before everyone else follows.

High-quality photography

These days we do not see stock images on websites very often. Big companies, especially, use high quality images which are custom-made by professional photographers. This shows a company’s individuality and enhances its brand image. Images are a great way to support a story and the world of web has seen a definite shift away from stock images that look good but are not unique.

A savvy website maker from 10alogo makes note of these new trends of 2015 as the web moves towards making sites more responsive.