Saving up the costs and going for cheap option is what mostly start-ups and small businesses do. No harm in doing this, though you must take care of what you are getting in return. That’s important! The companies claiming quality websites offering cheap web design are many in the market, it becomes your responsibility that if you are going for such an option you must, bear in mind that you get what you are promised; that the claims aren’t fake; that your website looks professionally engaging and promising. If this is not the case, then a redesign is the only option you are left with. Talking about saving costs, 10alogo gives you cost-effective website design and development services with guaranteed fulfillment of every claim made!

Checking on your Website

Your website is not only about the design it is also about the sales. How much traffic and conversions your site is attracting? Is the site doing enough? Does your site facilitate your business and visitors once they visit and land on your home page? Are your web hits converting into some real sales? To convert the random visitors into the real customers you need web traffic. It is important!

With the SEO services your web traffic increases. This is good but the important stuff is to measure the qualified prospects, the future customers visiting your page rather the number of daily visits. The qualified prospects are the ones which bring in real benefit to your business. The refined SEO techniques and tactics allow you to draw attention of prospect customers towards your website. This ensures that people are coming in your website.

But what if those people aren’t buying from your website? You need to make some real sales to run the business. Here you need checking your design and look into why it isn’t getting enough conversions. If the design lacks promising quality, fails to build business credibility and customer loyalty then all the SEO services are of no use. When your business opts for cheap web design option make sure you have an impressive, customer-oriented and business-relevant theme which sets a positive first impression in the first visit of every potential and random customer.


Make sure your website design is more than cool graphics and interactive menus. Everything is placed on the right positions to facilitate browsing, and navigation. Ensure that the call to action is positioned in a prominent place. Enhance the web usability. Study the target audience to know what really attracts them so that you add in the designing elements with specific techniques to capture their attention. 10alogo gives you accessible, interactive, budget-friendly quality services of website design and development.